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Cleansing the body takes time but it is one of the most important parts of health. Here is what to expect after your first session with us!

Well done! You've completed your first colonic with us! We hope you found it relaxing, educational and got some relief.


Most clients feel lighter, more relaxed and less bloated after a colonic, but it is important to remember that cleaning the colon takes time and with different amounts of toxicity in the body can feel different for everyone. 


If this is your first colonic it’s important to remember your desired results will take anywhere from 3 to 5 sessions. Life long constipation and toxicity doesn't disappear in a day! Your colon is 5 feet long and the average person is holding 20-25lbs of waste inside. We can't possibly clear that all in one session, so understand you will need to book a series of colonics to fully detox. It is one of the best investments you will make for your health and detoxing, although necessary, is not always easy.

Common FAQ's


Feeling bloated after your session?

That’s normal. Your body has absorbed a lot of water and stirred up a lot of toxicity in the body today and not all has been released yet. This is why we recommend to do the sessions back to back or as close together as possible to continue the detox. Once the colon is clear you should feel light, energized and have a soft, comfortable stomach.


How soon should I come back? ASAP.
Now that everything is hydrated and your body understands the process, your body will best release sooner, rather than later. Ideally book your next
session no more that a week apart. A few consecutive days would be the ideal but we understand your schedule may not allow for this. The closer together you have your colonics, the easier it will be to clear the colon.

Our top tips after your session:

- Stay hydrated

- Make time to rest

- Eat soft nourishing foods

- Avoid alcohol and processed foods

Why didn't I release much?

It’s not unusual to release very little in your first session, especially if you’re feeling dehydrated, holding stress and a bit anxious.The more colonics you have the more your body will relax, soften and hydrate and the more you will release. Everyone is different and detoxing can take time. Trust the process.

Why do I feel emotional?

The colon is the center for grief and guilt in the body. By cleansing, we often release those emotions which means tears can come even when you’re not expecting them.

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